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Why Your Outlets Might Have Stopped Working

Is anything more frustrating than plugging in your phone charger and then realizing it’s not working? Or how about when you finally sit down after a long day, reach for the remote, and nothing? Many issues can cause a power outage, but the culprit might be that the outlet is no longer working. A faulty outlet can be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be for long!

Figuring out why outlets that aren’t working can be difficult. However, you can perform some minor checks before calling a professional.


Identifying which outlets are not working

One faulty outlet does not necessarily indicate that outlets are faulty. When an outlet goes out, check nearby outlets, appliances, and light switches.

Note where the outages are, which can help determine whether the issue is caused by a breaker, fuse, or something else.

Checking for a tripped breaker or a blown fuse

When you find a faulty outlet or multiple outlets in one area or room:

If your power comes from a circuit breaker panel, then your circuit breaker might be tripped. To restore power loss caused by a tripped breaker, on your circuit breaker panel (typically found in the garage or on the outside of your home), find the switch that is neither in the on or off position. Turn it off and then on.

If your power comes from a fuse box, then check for a blown fuse by looking for discolored glass or melted pieces. Replace any fuses or parts.


Checking for damaged or old wiring

If breakers or fuses are not causing the outage, then you might have faulty, damaged, or old wiring. Restoring power to your home might need rewiring, which should only be done by a professional.

Action Electric can assist you in rewiring your home, so that you can be sure that it’s done properly to help ensure the safety of your family and home.

When to know a power outage means it’s time to call an electrician

When you’ve exhausted all other efforts listed above and still aren’t sure what’s going on — or even if you are sure! — it’s time to call an electrician. When your outlets aren’t working, it could signal a bigger issue in your home’s electrical wiring, and certified electrical contractors are equipped to handle those issues better (and safer) than the average homeowner.

Action Electric can help troubleshoot the issue, give an estimate for any work we need to do, and have it fixed in no time!