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What to Expect from Your Electricity in the Summer

When you live in the south—especially in Texas, especially in West Texas—you know that the summer months bring more than just sunshine and vacation days. In addition to expecting all the fun times, you can expect the weather to be hot, very hot. So hot, in fact, you also know that summer means a higher-than-normal electric bill.

Yes, when it starts getting hotter outside, you might want to start spending more time indoors. Because really, who wants to be out in 100+ degree weather, even at the pool, ocean, or lake?  It’s still too hot to be outside for very long. When you do go inside, you definitely want to blast the air conditioning and turn the ceiling fans on high. However, when you’re indoors more in the summer, you use more electricity and not just for your air conditioning. So, if you want to know what you can expect from your electricity in the summer, then don’t worry too much. We’ve got you covered.


Blasting your air conditioning will cost you

Not only does running your air conditioning during peak hours (usually from 2 to 7 PM) cost more, it can make your HVAC system  work harder which ends up requiring you to spend even more money to repair it.

To avoid an extremely high electric bill due to just your air conditioning use, refrain from keeping your home too cold, as tempting as that might be. Instead, set your thermostat a few degrees higher during those peak hours.

Additionally, turn your air conditioning off when you plan to be away home for an extended amount of time. You will save a ton of money and keep your HVAC system running more efficiently as well!

Watching the clock can pay off

In addition to saving money by setting your thermostat set a little higher during peak hours, you can also save money by choosing when to run your appliances like your washer and dryer, dishwasher, and so on.


Making sure your electrical and HVAC systems run properly

One of the most important ways you can help prevent unexpected issues this summer is to make sure your electrical and HVAC systems are in good condition. That’s where we come in. We can repair any wiring your home might need to keep everything running smoothly this summer, especially that air conditioning!

Considering LED lighting and a backup generator

If you’re thinking about switching to LED lighting, then the beginning of summer is the ideal time; temperatures start to rise and so does your electric bill. LED lighting is more energy efficient, and provides a better quality light, perfect for capturing all those fun summer memories you make in the nice, cold air conditioning.

Another smart investment for the summer is a backup generator because any high surge in electricity could result in blackouts in your town. And who wants to be without power in the summer? When the kids are home from school and it’s boiling hot outside, you need power. Let us help and get you a backup generator set up for summer.


The summer months can add a lot of stress, especially on your home’s electricity. However, you can take steps to help minimize that stress. During peak hours, make sure you aren’t using too much power or air conditioning. Have your electrical and HVAC systems inspected or serviced before they get too much use. With planning, you should be good to go for a great summer spent indoors and out!