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The Benefits of a Backup Generator

If you’ve ever experienced a power outage, then you know just how inconvenient and potentially dangerous they are.. An interruption in power can mean interruptions in your daily activities — showering, watching your favorite show, cooking, vacuuming, browsing the internet, and so on.

But if you have a backup generator, then you can continue your activities with little or no interruption, and that’s a big deal.

While part of our business is selling and installing backup generators, we they are a worthy investment for your family and home. And here’s why.

Power outages are inevitable

Power outages are becoming more common. The American Society of Civil Engineers gave America’s Energy Infrastructure a C- in 2021.

One reason for the increase in outages is the combination of so many decades’ old power grids in our infrastructure and adverse weather events,

No matter the reason for your power going out (the weather, a surge in usage, or even a planned outage), being without electricity for any amount of time can be stressful. Therefore, to help prepare for the next outage, consider including a backup generator in your plan.

Helping ensure basic safety

Perhaps the most important reason to consider a generator for your home or office is to help ensure that basic safety needs are met. For instance, if someone in your home requires an electric oxygen machine or other medical equipment, any outage might endanger their lives.

Even if an outage doesn’t result in an immediate medical emergency,  a generator could also be lifesaving in extreme temperatures. Additionally, home invasions during power outages, because home security systems are inoperable.

 A generator can keep your home running and safe


Helping provide comfort

Staying comfortable during an outage is another reason to consider a generator. It only takes a few minutes of living without lights, internet, a refrigerator, or microwave .to realize that it’s hard to live without power.

So, if you can’t imagine yourself not being able to stay comfortable, warm, cool, fed, or entertained, then you probably want to consider a generator.

Taking a hot shower during a citywide outage while your neighbors can’t might feel like a luxury, but it’s really not. Backup generators help keep your family or office running smoothly, no matter the circumstances.

Saving money with a smart investment

Backup generators can save you money. Yes, another great perk of investing in a generator is that not only can it keep you comfortable and even save your life, but it can also keep money in your bank account.

For instance, if you work at an office, then losing power result in less productivity or even a loss of goods. Having a backup generator helps prevent those losses. Those in the restaurant business can attest that having a backup generator prevents thousands of dollars’ worth of food spoiling when the power goes out — not to mention not having customers. However, the savings aren’t just for business owners.

With a backup generator, homeowners can avoid extra costs that come with an outage by not having to replace spoiled food or repair bursting pipes. A backup generator might seem like a hefty investment, but it’s a frugal one at the end of the day.

Backup generators might seem like something only for businesses or extremely large homes, but they’re so incredibly useful for everyone. With more power outages happening, having a backup source of power is a great way to maintain some safety and comfort during a winter storm, tornado, hurricane, heat wave, or whatever else Mother Nature hurls your way.

And when you decide you’re ready for a backup generator, Action Electric is here to help guide you every step of the way. From choosing the right model, to installation and maintenance, we’re here for you.