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Teaching Your Children Electrical Safety

Whether you have kids of your own or know others with kids, you know that children are curious. They seem to be built with an unlimited amount of curiosity and   constantly ready to learn and try new tricks, sports, or even food. However, that natural curiosity can lead into harmful situations..

Any parent knows that if the typical young child in a room full of toys and just  hazardous object, then they’re going straight for the danger. So what should you do if your kids start exploring electrical outlets, wiring, or even breaker boxes? That’s the time to have a serious lesson or review about  electrical safety. You can talk to your kids about safety while keeping your kids engaged and paying attention!

Have a family meeting about safety rules

A family meeting about electrical safety might not excite the kids, but it’s a great place to start. Even if you have older kids, getting them involved and participating in front of your younger children will teach them just how important safety is. Tell your children that following rules about electrical safety can prevent serious injuries or worse. And while you don’t want to scare them, make sure they understand the rules are for their own protection and will enable them to keep having fun without getting hurt.

To help ensure your kids and everyone in your home is safe while using any electrical equipment, we suggest implementing the following rules in your household:

  1. Do not stick fingers or objects into electrical outlets.
  2. Do not yank on cords when you’re unplugging them from the outlet.
  3. Do not use electronics around water or when your hands are wet.
  4. Do not overload a power strip or extension cord by plugging in too many things in at the same time.
  5. Do not touch outdoor transformer boxes.
  6. Do not climbing trees near power lines.
  7. If you need help using an electronic, then ask an adult.

Tailor these rules to best fit your household. But having your children learn the hard lines they should not cross will keep everyone safe.


Give your children an emergency plan of action

Even if you explain the rules to your children and are sure that they will follow them, there are no guarantees when it comes to young kids and power cords or outlets., or any type of home appliance where electricity is concerned.  Therefore, having an emergency plan of action is a great part of an overall home safety plan.

For instance, add any local utility emergency numbers to your emergency phone list, so if your kids are alone, then they know who to call. Periodically review your family’s fire safety plan with everyone. Not only will review refresh your kids’ minds on what to do in case of an electrical fire (or any fire), but it will also help them realize that electrical safety is seriously important in if a fire or other hazardous condition occurs.

Make learning about electrical safety fun

Finally, if you’re having a hard time trying to properly communicate with your children the importance of electrical safety, then try making it more fun! Yes, plenty of books are available to help you engage your kids about the electricity in their home, how it works, and why following safety rules is important.

Electrical safety in your home must be taken seriously, but at kids will be kids. All children learn in different ways, so choose the method that best works for your family -- reading a new book or a hands-on project like making your own circuit board to help illustrate just how important electrical safety can be.

Keeping your kids, home, and family safe is important. And while teaching your children electrical safety might not be the most fun activity for them, it will give you peace of mind and help everyone work together to stay safe.