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Key Signs Your Office Space Needs Electrical Work

When it comes to home maintenance including keeping it powered safely, there’s a good chance you stay on top of it all. After all, your family and you live there, so being without electricity would be pretty miserable. But when it comes to your office space, things might not be as closely maintained. While you might not “live” at your office, you might still spend a good amount of time there. And if you’re a manager or owner, then so do your employees. Keeping them and yourself safe is very important. If you put off electrical work for too long, then you might be putting everyone in the office at risk. So to make sure you stay on top of things, here are 3 key signs that your office space might need electrical work.

Your outlets aren’t properly working

This might sound obvious, but if you constantly deal with outlets in your office space that don’t work, then you need electrical work. Though you might be able to temporarily try to fix this problem by restarting your breaker, an outlet that stops working is usually a sign of a much larger issue. An outlet that sparks when you try to use it is also an electrical issue that needs addressing immediately.

Nonworking outlets might indicate that your office’s entire electrical system could be dead, outdated, or requires rewiring—a job that requires a professional. As inconvenient as having no power for the office coffee machine, losing power to your whole building is more so. At the first sign of trouble, give us a call.

The lights flicker

We’ve all experienced those annoying flickering lights. And as frustrating as they are, we usually shrug them off as nothing more than a lightbulb that’s going out, and something we can get to later. But if you continue to ignore the problem, then it might wind up costing you more than the price of a light bulb.

A flickering light might be nothing more than a light bulb that needs to be replaced, but it can actually be part of a bigger problem such as a blown fuse or tripper circuit breaker. If either of those is the cause, then you might be at risk of an electrical fire. So, don’t ignore that flickering light , but call Action Electric. We can figure out the problem and even suggest a solution such as LED lights.

You smell smoke or something Burning

Perhaps the biggest indicator that something is wrong in your office is a smell. If you smell smoke, then that might mean your office’s insulation is burned and you need to call an electrician as soon as possible. A more ozone smell (sort of like chlorine bleach) points to burned wires, which is also requires immediate attention.

Typically, paying close attention burning smells can prevent issues from turning into burned wires or an electrical fire. If something smells off, give Action Electric a call. Your office space deserves to be a place where everyone feels comfortable and the electricity is reliable.